What’s up this Spring?

Hello everybody! Who could have predicted that we would be faced with a pandemic this Spring? I am so thankful that the flowers are still growing as usual, and though I can’t sell my art these days at the usual markets, I can continue growing and pressing. I have planted a lot of flower seeds here in my house, and as soon as the danger of frost passes, they will go out in the garden. I love to watch them grow. My favourite time of year! The gardens are all tilled and ready for seeds, and most of the perennials are already showing their faces. Here in Alberta we can’t start too early, or we always lose to the frosts that tend to still come in late May, and sometimes even early June. As always, it’s a highlight to find the sweet little crocuses that bloom wild here before anything else.

Anyways…hope you are all enjoying Spring! This is my busiest time of year, growing, pressing, and making art, in hopes of some markets coming up in the Fall and Winter of 2020.

Work in Progress!

Here are some of the happenings around here this Summer and Fall… Hundreds of beautiful flowers to pick and press! I have a very hard time not picking and pressing every flower I can get my hands on. This year, strangely enough, the flowers survived a couple of light frosts and even a couple light snowfalls, and they just kept blooming and blooming. Great collection year for me!  Enjoy these pics!