Hi everybody!  My name is Julie Collyer and I am the artist behind The Vintage Gardener pieces.  My daughter Adrianna loves to help me gather and press flowers too! About 11 years ago, our family left the city to live in the country. Soon after we arrived here, I began the journey of gardening on a large scale. We had to do the landscaping in our yard, so we began planting all kinds of trees, shrubs, vegetables and flowers. Now…11 years later, we have a beautiful mature yard, full of shrubs and perennials. Each year I also plant pots of annuals around the yard and decks. It is here that my flower and leaf collections come from.

One of the things I have always wished for is a longer growing season where we live. The yard is so beautiful in the spring and summer, but the colors fade all too quickly and are gone. About three years ago, wanting to experiment with flower pressing, I began collecting blooms from my yard and hand pressing them. Soon I had books and books of these beautiful specimens, and knew it was time to do something special with them. As a result, The Vintage gardener came to be. Combining my love of old windows and repurposed frames with the pressed flowers, I began creating pressed flower art to share with the world. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!! Here are some pictures of the place I spend so much time in… gardening and collecting, and some of the flowers collected from this season… Enjoy!!!